Which inventory system do I choose to store my 100 place freezer boxes?

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Which inventory system do I choose to store my 100 place freezer boxes?
Depending on your type of freezer, you will need the right size racking system to store your boxes of samples in, that is space saving and easily accessible. If you have a chest freezer where capacity is a must have, the best type of storage racks to use are Uprights with a handle. Therefore insertion and removal of your samples is easy.  Another factor to take into account is the weight of the racking system when filled with all your sample vials. Upright chest freezer racks If you have a small chest freezer the recommendation would be a 5 or 6 shelf high upright freezer rack as in the picture above. These systems hold 100 place freezer boxes with dimensions: 60x138x154mm (HxWxD) and take tubes up to 53.5mm in height. Camlab offer a wide range of polycarbonate and stainless steel inventory systems for all types of applications including a huge range of UK maunfactured storage boxes. Camlab are currently running a special offer: 60% off selected stainless steel storage systems and Buy One Get One Free on 100 place neon freezer boxes. Click on the links below for these great offers: http://www.camlab.co.uk/item.asp?itemid=21135&categoryid=94&key=&letter=&browsecategoryid=308 http://www.camlab.co.uk/item.asp?itemid=41193&categoryid=255&browsecategoryid=307  Visit our website at www.camlab.co.uk  for our full range of products.
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