How to look after your Eppendorf ULT Freezer

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How to look after your Eppendorf ULT Freezer
Eppendorf offer a comprehensive selection of Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) laboratory freezers in numerous configurations, making you sure to find one right for your lab. They are packed full of innovative features to make them not only highly effective and reliable for ultimate piece of mind when it comes to your precious samples but also sustainable and ergonomic to use. With a ULT freezer being such an integral piece of kit, you will want to properly care for it ensuring it is always working at its best. If you are interested in purchasing a new freezer for your lab, check out our web listings here. [caption id="attachment_16138" align="aligncenter" width="200"] Eppendorf's F740h ULT Freezer[/caption] Eppendorf advices the following actions when it comes to looking after their ULT freezers:
  • Cleaning door gaskets and seals - clean with a cloth or brush when needed. Ice build up on these parts can cause them to tear or rip when doors are forced shut. If the seal is compromised this will effect the effectiveness and efficiency of your unit and may compromise your samples if the unit cannot hold temperature.
  • Remove thin ice build up from door/inside - this should be done whenever it is needed with a cloth or brush. You should keep on top of it when you notice ice to help prevent a thick build up that may limit the freezers ability of closing with a tight seal. Inner doors can even be removed so you can de-ice them without having to fully power off and defrost. Excessive ice build up will reduce your inner working chamber volume and make some of your samples very difficult to reach - especially those right at the back.
  • Cleaning the vacuum relief port - keep this clean by wiping with a cloth whenever needed but at least every 3 months, or it may prevent its ability to release the vacuum created by door openings.
  • Cleaning the air intake filter - the air intake filter should be removed from beneath its grille and cleaned with either a vacuum cleaner or soapy water (and left to fully dry) around once every 3 months or at a higher frequency if the working environment is dusty. This keeps air flowing into the condenser, promoting its efficient working and preventing the unit from overheating.
  • Condenser
  • Full defrost and clean¬†- a full defrost and more thorough clean is recommended yearly. Unplug the unit from its power supply prior to carrying this out and ensure the unit is fully dry inside before powering it up again, by drying with a lint free cloth. The outer surfaces, doors and gaskets can be cleaned with a mild detergent and stainless steel parts can be cleaned and disinfected with 70% IPA. Inner doors can be lifted off their hinges to help this process.
You can read Eppendorf's full care guide here and we also recommend that you consult your operating manual before carrying out any of the above actions. This information will also be transferable to caring for other models and makes of ULT freezer however we always suggest to consult your operating manual for the full care and maintenance instructions specific to your unit. You can browse our range of ULT freezers here. We are happy to discuss any requirements you may have, please feel free to contact us on : 01954 233 110.
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