How to perform a pH measurement quality control check

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How to perform a pH measurement quality control check

Quality control (QC) checks are used to review the quality of production, processes and competence. It is essential to continuously test and challenge these aspects to ensure and maintain the highest quality process as possible.

TRUEscience pH Meter

For pH measurement, performing a QC check allows you to have an additional check on the electrode after calibration to ensure the calibration was successful. This involves testing the pH of another pH buffer value, not any you have previously calibrated with. This acts as a test to check the electrode response is correct.

The app based TRUEscience pH meter has a QC check feature built in, you can either add a new pH buffer or choose from the previously used list in the inventory, and carry out a QC check. These checks are saved on the meter and can be viewed at a later date for ultimate tractability. Check out the below video on how to perform a pH QC check with TRUEscience using a pH 6 Buffer.


If you would like a full demonstration of the TRUEscience system get in touch. For more information about performing a QC check or about TRUEscience please get in touch with one of our technical team on 01954233120, email

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