Hach chemkey parameters for their Portable Parallel Analyser

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Hach chemkey parameters for their Portable Parallel Analyser

In 2014 Hach brought out the Portable Parallel Analyser (PPA) SL1000, a unit with innovative technology which dramatically streamlines water quality testing.  The PPA allows you to test up to four colorimetric and two probe based measurements simultaneously with the use of the Chemkey reagents.


How does it work?

Simply add your water sample into the stand, push your Chemkey reagents into the unit, and lower the SL 1000 into the stand. A sensor on the bottom of the unit will recognise it’s been placed into your water sample and draw up a water sample to carry out the test. As many as four Chemkeys can be added into the unit to test different parameters simultaneously which will appear on the SL 1000 front display.

This innovative technology lowers human error by avoiding the need to measure out reagents in the field, all you need is to select the Chemkey parameters, push them into the unit and it does all of the work. It is also mess free – no rinsing out or cleaning utensils, just dispose of the Chemkey stick after testing.


Previously Hach launched Chemkeys for testing: Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Monochloramine, Free Ammonia, Nitrite, Total Ammonia and Copper. They have now added to the list by adding Alkalinity LR, Akalinity HR, Hardness LR, Orthophosphate HR, Orthophosphate LR and dissolved iron. Visit our Chemkey Webpage to find the testable range for each of these parameters.

To find out more about the Portable Parallel Analyser SL1000 or water testing in general please get in touch with one of our technical support team on 01954 233 120, email support@camlab.co.uk or fill in the form below.

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