5ml tubes for preparation, storage and more...

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5ml tubes for preparation, storage and more...

Do you use 5ml tubes in your lab? They’re not just for centrifuges…


5ml tubes are used in labs for a range of small volume tasks;

  • Dilutions
  • Incubation of microbial samples
  • Storage of samples for subsequent collection of smaller aliquots
  • Pellet preparation

Their size and shape makes them easy to use – the flip cap can be opened one handed, and the dimensions allow you to take samples putting only the pipette tip into the tube, rather than the whole pipette barrel as with larger tubes.

Manufactured in the UK in polypropylene, they can be autoclaved up to 121°C or frozen down to -80°C and are available in a range of colours and in black for photosensitive samples.

Tell us what you use 5ml tubes for in your lab, or contact us to request a sample and try them out

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