The new chilling/heating dry block to fit tubes, plates and round bottom flasks

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The new chilling/heating dry block to fit tubes, plates and round bottom flasks

Californian manufacturer Torrey Pines has released new chilling and heating dry block units with a flexible range of blocks to fit everything from 1.5ml microtubes through to 250ml round bottom flasks.

The level of flexibility available with the IC30 and IC30XT units makes them an ideal choice for those with varied work who need to freeze, chill or heat samples.

IC30 High Capacity block heater / chiller


The heavy duty IC30 and IC30XT units allow maximum flexibility and capacity.

Flexible Operation

Work can be performed directly on the 5″ square heating/chilling surface which is very flat for optimal sample contact.

Alternatively use one of the high-capacity blocks to fit anything from 1.5ml tubes through to 250ml round bottom flasks.

Torrey Pines can even create custom blocks to order.


Key Specifications

The IC30 allows digital control to 1°C from -10 to +100°C, while the IC30XT has an extended range of -20 to +100°C.

Both units feature an RS232 I/O port for either control of the unit or data collection, a built in datalogger to record up to 8110 data points at 1 second to 5 minute intervals and offer good temperature uniformity across the block of ±0.5°C

The units also have a built in timer, settable from 1 second to 30 days, with an audible alarm sounding at the end of the set time.



With such flexibility the IC30 and IC30XT can be used in most freezing, chilling and heating applications where small to medium samples sizes are found. The units can also be used in specific functions such as;

  • Incubating samples in 96 well plates
  • Maintaining 14°C for ligation reactions
  • Maintaining 17°C for storing oocytes
  • Storing samples at ice bucket temperatures
  • Storing enzymes or DNA libraries at your work station
  • Enzyme reactions and deactivations

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