I need a roller mixer to fit different sizes of tubes and bottles, can you recommend one?

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I need a roller mixer to fit different sizes of tubes and bottles, can you recommend one?

Q: I need a roller mixer, but our lab works with tubes and bottles in different sizes – what would you recommend?

A: The Stuart range of roller mixers would be ideal. These have recently been updated, and are now more flexible than ever – letting you use one unit to mix small centrifuge tubes right through to larger bottles.

The new Stuart roller mixers allow bars to be removed for working with larger vessels like Duran bottles


The popular roller mixers from Stuart have been updated to add in 2 new features, making them more flexible and safer to use.

Removable side combs

All of the roller mixers now have removable side panels – these ensure there is no chance of samples sliding off the sides of the unit while it is left to run unattended.

Removable side panel on the SRT6D unit ensures samples won’t slide off the edge, even when the unit is left running overnight


Detachable roller tubes

The rolling tubes on the units can now be removed for work with larger vessels like bottles, or put back into place for work with small centrifuge or blood tubes.

This allows great versatility for labs where a range of sample sizes are kept.

Stack units to save space

There is also a great stacking system accessory to stack up to 3 units on top of one another – a great option to save bench space in a busy lab.

The stacking accessory allows up to 3 units to be stacked on top of one another to save bench space


Choose from analogue, fixed speed versions, or digital variable speed versions, with both versions available in a 6 or 9 tube size.

All units also come with Stuart’s exclusive BioCote antimicrobial protection coating, which uses silver technology to provide antimicrobial protection. This ensures a safer and more hygenic lab environment, with less risk of cross contamination.

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