Eppendorf Bio-based Tubes

Eppendorf Bio-based Tubes
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Eppendorf Bio-based Tubes

Plastic consumables are a common item in laboratories and other industries, which leads to a large amount of plastic waste. It has become more important recently to increase the sustainability of the plastic used in plastic consumables to help reduce and recycle plastic waste. Eppendorf have recently released some bio-based tubes as a more sustainable option to plastic tubes to help combat this issue.

Bio-based Polymer

These tubes have been made with a sustainable raw material that is produced from bio-based waste and residues - 2nd generation renewable feedstock. This renewable feedstock can be backtracked to the first collection points, and the origin has been carefully selected from suppliers that are committed to sustainability. The final polymers for the tubes are sustainability certified by ISCC PLUS and come with ACT certification (Accountability, Consistency and Transparency)

Polymer Production

The infographic below shows the production process for the bio-based tubes, with 90% of the polypropylene being made from renewable materials, and 10% coming from fossil origin. This process being ISCC certified enables traceability along the entire supply chain - from agriculture to the finished end product.

Infographic of the polymer production for the bio-based tubes

Bio-based Tubes

These bio-based tubes, with screw caps, come in four sizes:


  • Eppendorf production centre in Oldenburg complies with the requirements of ISCC PLUS
  • ACT labelled
  • Tubes are made from 90% renewable-based feedstock plus 10% fossil-based feedstock
  • General quality certificates/compliance with standards are available for these bio-based tubes
  • Product-specific and lot-specific purity certificates are available, as well as an ISCC sustainability declaration for the bio-based tubes

These tubes are shipped in a shipping carton and folding carton which both consist of at least 92% recycled cardboard

Eppendorf BioBased tubes

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