Can I measure photometric tests, turbidity and pH on the same meter?

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Can I measure photometric tests, turbidity and pH on the same meter?

Offering the unique combination of photometry, pH and turbidity measurement the pHotoFlex Turb by WTW consists of a compact and easy to use device for water analysis.

This robust unit, ideal for the field, fits the spec of an everyday-use photometer but with the added option of using an infra-red light source for nephelometric turbidity measurements and adding a pH probe.


We were impressed by this unit by WTW by it’s unique 3 in 1 capability and at how user friendly the unit is. The menu guides you through all measuring tasks, and allows a quick and easy selection of the most common tests.


Being able to analyse 3 parameters in one meter opens up options for testing. Methods like ammonia (NH3) and carbon dioxide (CO2), that require a pH and temperature input for concentration calculations, will use data stored from the pH probe prior to adding reagents to the sample. Not only does this save room on the bench by using one meter, it also eliminates errors.

The pHotoFlex measures accross 6 wavelengths using LEDs; 436, 517, 557, 594, 610 and 690. It reaches <2nm wavelength accuracy and 0.005 abs. reproducibility. Check out the last two pages of the pHotoFlex leaflet to see the easy to use, available reagent tests from A-Z.

By attaching a probe the pH ranges of your sample can be taken from 0-16 with automatic buffer recognition (TEC/NIST). Temperature compensation is automatic within the permitted range of -5 to 100°C . WTW’s MultiCal-routine allows the automatic calibration up to 3 calibration points.

A wide range of pH electrodes are available from WTW that are compatible with this unit. The pHotoFlex Turb Kit comes with the low maintenance SenTix 41 probe for easy use in the field. If you’re looking to use this in a lab you may wish to look at the SenTix 81 probe, with it’s non-clogging platinum diaphragm, it accounts for a wide range of compatibility with difficult samples from seawater to beverages and food. If you have an alternative probe you would prefer however, any probe with DIN and 4mm banana connectors can be used with the pHotoFlex.

The pHoto-Flex has an infra-red light source for nephelometric turbidity measurement (90°) between 0-1100 NTU/FNU. This meets requirements of DIN 27027/ISO 7027. This is at a <2nm wavelength accuracy and a 0.005 abs. reproducibility. This can be calibrated using the AMCO clear standards to assist in the sensitive testing of drinking water.

A number of accessories are available such as a convenient LabStation which holds both the unit and standards as well as charging the rechargeable battery. The LSdata software package available can process the measured data conveniently on the PC for easy and secure processing.

For more information on the unit or the range of accessories, probes and reagents available please contact us below.

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