Why accurate pool water testing is now more important than ever

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Why accurate pool water testing is now more important than ever
The last few months have shown us how important it is to control hygiene in all areas of life. This is also essential for swimming pool water. Although no one is certain how Covid-19 is affected by chlorine, it is generally thought that proving levels of free chlorine are sufficient and pH value is correct then the virus is rapidly inactivated. Therefore, what does this mean with regard to water chemistry and the levels you should be running in your pool? Generally, the advice is to run free chlorine at the upper limit of your desired range and the pH as low as possible. This ensures the chlorine is running at maximum efficiency. The Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) have suggested you consider running at a pH as low as 7.0 even if on a temporary basis. Above all, keep free chlorine and pH levels tested and correct. You must remember though that if you do decide to lower your pH value than this, in turn, could have an effect on your balanced water. Other parameters such as total alkalinity and calcium hardness should be measured to make sure your water has not become aggressive.

To ensure the levels are correct it is imperative that testing is:

  • Carried out regularly
  • Carried out correctly
  • The system you are using should be suitable for your application
  • The correct tests are being carried out
Remember good water is essential and you only know you have this if testing regularly. With the increased risk and need for improved hygiene, it is also essential that people know what they are doing. They should have knowledge of why they are testing, how to carry out the test, interpreting and reacting to the readings and what to do if things are not correct. Lovibond offers a range of free on-line training courses to help you ensure testing is carried out correct. Please contact them at support@lovibond.uk. Whichever pool you run, service or look after at this time of uncertainty remember good water chemistry and good, accurate testing is now more essential than ever.

Keep Testing, Keep Control, Keep Safe

For a list of related products please check out the following:
  • Lovibond Pooltester Kits -  The Pooltester is designed for the simultaneous determination of the most popular water treatment agents and the pH value.
  • Scuba II Electronic tester -  Scuba II is designed for private swimming pools and whirlpools operator. It can be used to measure Alkalinity-m, Bromine, Chlorine, CyA and pH-values.
  • Comparator 2000+ - The Comparator 2000+ is versatile: it is used in swimming pools as well as in research centres, universities or general drinking water treatment. It is available with more than 400 colour discs and numerous reagents.
  • MD100 Photometers - The MD 100 photometer is a convenient choice for testing up to 14 parameters on a single instrument. The instrument has a simple user interface and is constructed for field use. Several industry-specific versions are available to combine the tests you need.
  • MD 600 Series - The MD 600 series comprises the MD 600, MD 610, MD 640. All measurement instruments have the analytical properties of a laboratory photometer for all important parameters in water analysis. Reliable and fast testing is guaranteed, thanks to long-term stable LEDs, interference filters, Bluetooth interface, mobile data management via an app, more than 120 pre-programmed test methods and many more highlights.
This blog article was supplied by the technical department at Lovibond.
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Thank you for sharing this article. Except for bacteria and viruses growth, imbalanced pH can cause erosion, mineral buildup, scaling, damage to equipment, and swimmer discomfort.