What pH meter can I use to test the pH of Sushi Rice?

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What pH meter can I use to test the pH of Sushi Rice?

If not prepared properly there is a potential risk that sushi rice will develop bacteria, parasites, and viruses harmful to human health. One of the aspects that must be measured and controlled in preparation of sushi is the rice pH. If the rice has a pH less than 4.5 this will prevent bacteria growth and toxin production. This pH is lowered by the addition of vinegar and salt.


Sushi rice must be tested with a pH meter to make sure the rice and vinegar mix is below pH of 4.5 before being sold to consumers. The LAQUAtwin meter uses flat sensor technology which is ideal for testing solid sample which can be placed directly on to the sensor (as pictured above). This means only a small test sample is required and you can easily sample in situ without the need for beakers or other labware.

The LAQUAtwin pocket pH meter is small and compact; convenient to carry around in your pocket and is ideal for on-site testing. Its easy-to-use interface makes it an indispensable tool for food testing.


  • Before using any pH meter it must be calibrated at the start of each day of testing. You can see the simple steps to calibrate this meter in this video.
  • A small sample of the rice mixture is placed on the flat sensor of the LAQUAtwin pocket pH Meter and measured.
  • If the measured value is above pH 4.6, alter your preparation method to reduce pH
  • Place new rice sample on the sensor and repeat testing process.
  • After tests, wash the sensor with diluted soapy water and pat dry with a paper tissue.

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