The Top 5 pH meters of 2016

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The Top 5 pH meters of 2016
We've rounded up the best 5 pH meters of the year - each has brilliant features and extras which have made them stand out as some of the best selling pH meters of 2016.

5. Best for field work - Hach HQ30D / HQ40D pH meters

[caption id="attachment_10811" align="alignright" width="222"] The Hach HQ40D multiparameter meter in use[/caption] With rugged probes and long cable probe (up to 30m) options available, the single channel HQ30D and two channel HQ40D models present a great option for field work. ✓  rugged options for field work ✓  long 5m cables available ✓ HQ40D allows testing 2 parameters at once out of pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity ✓  Hach's Intellical probe system stores serial numbers and calibration history with the probe ✗ Unique connection type so you are restricted to Hach's probes

4. Best for flexibility everyday - Mettler Toledo FiveGo F2 handheld pH meter

[caption id="attachment_10815" align="alignright" width="223"]FiveGo F2 pH meter FiveGo F2 pH meter[/caption] The portable FiveGo meters are great for carrying around site and choosing a probe to suit your samples. ✓ portable but accurate - field kits include a wrist strap and buffer sachets to make portable work easier ✓ standard BNC connection type means you can choose probes from other brands to suit your sample ✓ range of kits available - choose from the basic kit with an "all rounder" electrode, the food kit with a puncturing spear tip electrode or the field kit with additional carry case and sample bottles ✗ icon based system on screen and the keypad means it can be hard to navigate

3. Best for entry level testing of mixed samples - Laqua Twin B-712 pH meter

[caption id="attachment_10817" align="alignright" width="221"] The Laqua Twin pH meter allows testing of solids and liquids in a pocket size meter[/caption] With a flat bed sensor that can cope with a wide variety of samples, the Laqua Twin meter has continued to be a popular choice for people testing food, soil and other difficult samples. ✓ the robust flat sensor allows testing of solids (including food, soil, gels etc) as well as difficult liquids (including those containing protein) - an unusual but welcomed feature in a pocket size meter ✓ sensor size means you can test with tiny amounts of sample - as little as 0.05ml ✓ temperature compensation built in to improve accuracy ✗ only 2 point calibration is possible

2. Best for pH and more in the field - Hanna Advanced Portable GPS Multi-Parameter


[caption id="attachment_10819" align="alignright" width="121"]
Hanna Advanced Portable GPS Multi-parameter meter[/caption] Not strictly just a pH meter, the Hanna Advanced Portable GPS model can measure up to 15 parameters (sensor supplied can measure 6; pH, ORP, conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen and temperature) ✓ water resistant meter and rugged encased probe designed for field work ✓ display up to 12 parameters simultaneously ✓ GPS tag readings for full field work records ✗ small screen and limited keypad mean advanced options like logging and graphs are difficult to navigate to

1. Best for advanced, accessible features at a great price - TRUEscience smart pH meter

Breaking the rules of traditional "box and probe" pH meters, the smart Bluetooth TRUEscience meter is bringing high end features to everybody with it's affordable price tag. All part of their mission to "make measurement SMART" [caption id="attachment_10821" align="aligncenter" width="410"]TRUEscience smart bluetooth pH meter TRUEscience smart pH meter[/caption] ✓ have up to 6 wireless caps talking to one Android tablet at a time - great for testing multiple samples at once ✓ advanced features are easy to use - set up logging, alarms and record readings in a couple of touches. The large tablet format means menus are clear and easy to see. ✓ clever extras we haven't seen on other meters - scan in buffers and electrodes via a QR code, and the meter prompts you when they have expired, and add photos to stored measurements (much better than a vague note saying "bit cloudy" !) ✓ lots of support - access help menus within the app, web chat to the friendly UK based team on their website, or watch the extensive video tutorials on youtube ✗ At the moment only pH can be tested - but developers tell us that dissolved oxygen, ions, redox and conductivity are on the way soon! For more information on any of the pH meters reviewed, just follow the links above or contact us;
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Shike Li
Hello, we are interested in having a PH meter to measure small volume of samples. No. 3 is a good candidate(3. Best for entry level testing of mixed samples – Laqua Twin B-712 pH meter). Can we have a quote for it? I am sending this request from Rutgers university. Thanks for your time.