What microbes are lurking on your worktop?

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What microbes are lurking on your worktop?

From lab bench to computer keyboard the workplace is full of germs. It was tested that desktops had almost 21,000 germs per square inch and that one sneeze can leave behind a minefield of viruses that can live on a surface for up to three days. It doesn’t help if your work involves doing dissections or actually culturing up the bacteria yourself!



For rapid disinfection of hard surfaces, the Klericide 70/30  spray is a strictly controlled formulation, filtered and packaged under cleanroom conditions, prior to sterilisation. This is made up from 70% isopropyl alcohol blended with deionized water. Supplied sterile by gamma irradiation and double bagged. It is efficient to Bactericidal EN 1276 and Fungicidal EN1650. We also have the Klercide Sporicidal Chlorine spray specifically for use with difficult bacterial spores.



Working with nasty chemicals to bacteria, disposable gloves are an easy way to keep you clean and means there is no transfer of microbes between your lab space and your work desk. There’s a wide variety of gloves available in size and material, check out our previous blog here to see which would work for you best.


Wash your vessels

It’s standard to clean the work surfaces after every lab session – but are your containers and glass beakers getting the same attention? Washing up liquid doesn’t quite do the job in most cases! We have autoclaves available that can sterilise these, or glasswashers and detergents that can put heat and pressure to disinfect these well.


Dispose of your waste

Don’t let your workspace get clogged up with used disposable vials, pipettes, wipes or plates. Make sure once you’ve used any items make sure they get washed or get thrown away in suitable disposal bags.

If you need any advice on cleaning your particular work place then give us a ring on 01954 233 110 or contact us on the below form.

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