How To Reduce Your PPE waste with Kimberly-Clark's Rightcycle programme

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How To Reduce Your PPE waste with Kimberly-Clark's Rightcycle programme

Did you know that PPE can make up to 20% of a lab's solid waste?

Becoming more environmentally sustainable is a target for many labs and the sheer volume of single use plastics and PPE you are using may be a huge road block in achieving this. Global PPE manufacturer Kimberly-Clark have listened to their customers concerns and have created the RightCycle Program.

What is the RightCycle Program?

Kimberly-Clark have made many efforts in becoming more sustainable at every point of a products life cycle. At the end it's life, PPE is typically incinerated or sent to landfill and Kimberly-Clark aim to break this link with the RightCycle program. The RightCycle program is a ground-breaking service that allows you to collect previously hard-to-recycle items such as nitrile gloves and have them recycled and transformed for reuse as consumer goods. Not only does this reduce the volume of PPE being sent to landfill and can help you to achieve your waste reduction goals, but it can also help save you money on waste disposal costs.

How does it work?

The RightCycle program is open to anyone who is using Kimberly Clark apparel or nitrile gloves. These products must not have been exposed to hazardous contaminants or require special handling or disposal.

Using the program is easy, just follow these step

  • Contact your Kimberly Clark professional or email If you are a Camlab customer, we are happy to contact them on your behalf.
  • The contact person will provide you will all of the extra details along with a collection bag.
  • Collect all used non-hazardous Kimberly Clark apparel and nitrile gloves and then consolidate into the collection bag.
  • Contact the recycling partner at once your pallet is full. You can then arrange and pay for transportation to the closest warehouse.
  • Order a new free collection bag.

A RightCycle success story - The University of Edinburgh - School of Chemistry

The University of Edinburgh has committed to the Sustainable Development Goals Accord and has highlighted projects that directly contribute to each of the goals. The School of Chemistry uses 200,000 pairs of gloves each year presenting a considerable amount of waste. Taking advantage of the RightCycle program has allowed the School to recycle 85% off all used gloves. In 2019, the reached the milestone of having collected one million pairs of disposable gloves since its introduction in 2014. Download and read the full Edinburgh case study.

Where can I buy recyclable PPE?

Camlab are official Kimberly -Clark suppliers - click to find our selections of nitrile gloves and disposable apparel.

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