What are the cooling options available for Autoclaves?

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What are the cooling options available for Autoclaves?

Waiting for the cooling of your autoclave after the sterilisation cycle can be the most time-consuming stage, if there is fast throughput in your laboratory you may want to consider the cooling options available to speed up the autoclave cycle.

Astell Front Loading Autoclave


Fan Cooling (external) 

Available on all Astell model types, this method uses a powerful externally mounted fan to help speed up the cooling stage of the autoclave cycle. The external fan is controlled via the touch screen controller.


Fan Cooling (internal)

As depicted below this method has a internal fan sat in the chamber itself which creates turbulence. This is one of the most efficient method for cooling the system which needs to be fitted in conjunction with a water cooling jacket. This option is only suitable for front loaders, and ideal for situations where large fluid loads need to be processed rapidly. Cooling times can be made 70% faster than a standard autoclave if the autoclave is fitted with fan cooling (jacket), air ballast and load sensed timing.

Suitable for: Front Loaders



When the pressure in the autoclave chamber reaches a certain level in the cooling phase of the cycle all the remaining water in the chamber is drained. This method can be chosen on any cycle and will substantially decrease the time required to cool the chamber to a temperature where the door can be opened safely. This method can only be used in autoclaves where the heater is in the chamber and is most efficient when used in conjunction with the water cooling coils.

Suitable for: Benchtops, Compacts, Top Loaders, Front Loaders


Water Cooling (Coils)

Cold water is passed through coils situated around the outside the chamber, reducing cooling time.

Suitable for: Top Loaders, Front Loaders


Water Cooling (Jacket)

This cooling method circulates cold water in direct contact with the outside of the autoclave chamber, this can be further enhanced if fitted with internal fan cooling.

Suitable for: Top Loaders, Front Loaders


Cyclon Cooling

This option uses an air compressor to provide a major reduction in cycle time, which provides significant benefits to laboratories processing large loads of bottles fluids that need to be sterilised quickly.  This option is available free of charge however the water cooling (jacket) and air ballast options are both required as a prerequisite.


Suitable for: Top Loaders, Front Loaders

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