Fully programmable Autoclaves without plumbing! The Benchtop series by Astell

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Fully programmable Autoclaves without plumbing! The Benchtop series by Astell
Astell's range of Benchtop autoclaves offer a totally self-contained solution with no need to connect a water supply. The range offers fast, flexible sterilization with standard or custom programs available all in standalone, benchtop units. [caption id="attachment_10246" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Benchtop Autoclave by Astell - totally self contained, the unit doesn't require connecting to a water supply[/caption]

Compact and Self Contained

The front loading benchtop range do not require plumbing in to a water supply, they only need a standard single phase power supply. The water source is built in to each unit in one of two ways; Classic -need manual refilling with water for each cycle. During the cycle the condensate leaves the chamber by a silicone tube and can be collected in a heat-resistant bottle. Autofill - with an integral reservoir to provide water for up to 15 cycles and to act as a collection vessel for the condensate.  

Colour Touch Screen controls

Standard throughout the Astell range, the colour touchscreen controller offers great control. The controller itself is a wipe clean touchscreen based on an industrial PLC system, combined with various input/output modules. The controller software was developed especially for Astell to offer precision control of the autoclaves. NEWPIChr The icon driven menus and simple cycle selection make everyday use quick and simple, while the ability to modify cycles or programme new cycles allows greater control when required for specialist jobs.  

Additional Features

Although the range present a simple "plug in and go" option, they still offer lots of extra features to make each cycle secure, flexible and to keep you informed about the status;
  • Data archive for up to 5,000 cycles
  • USB connection for USB backup (requires additional lead)
  • User log and multiple user access levels
  • Duplicate, modify or rename cycles
  • Delayed start feature
  • Programme new cycles
  • Display pressure, stage, cycle time, cycle count and more
  • Self-help tutorial
  • Safety valve test cycle
  The range present a great option for laboratories who need an autoclave which can be set up and run quickly, but still offers accurate, reliable and programmable cycles. Find out more by following the links above, or contact us with any questions about autoclaves;
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