Mercury free solutions for autoclave temperature monitoring

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Mercury free solutions for autoclave temperature monitoring

Mercury is a naturally occurring element found in the air, water and soil however exposure to the substance, even in small amounts, can lead to severe health and ecosystem issues. Mercury in products can find its way into the environment in all sorts of ways such as manufacturing, spills, recycling and disposal. Due to the health risks posed products such as mercury-containing  thermometers are being phased out in the US under guidelines produced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and in the EU the European Commission REACH aims to heavily reduce the use of mercury in products.

Liquid Mercury

There are a range of mercury autoclave thermometer alternatives available that produce as accurate readings whilst keeping in line with the new US and EU standards and reducing the health risks.


One of the options is the Max Temp Autoclave Thermometer ranging from -20 to +150°C in 2°C divisions. This has a clear and easy way to monitor autoclave temperatures with a black pointer measuring the temperature which moves up a red pointer that will indicate the maximum temperature achieved during an autoclave cycle.

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