The Neon Laboratory and Production Work Chair

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The Neon Laboratory and Production Work Chair

The Bimos neon chair consists of two parts: the chair element with base and mechanism and the upholstery element. This system allows the user to customize their chair for their particular application and style. The base of the chair comes in three main models: Neon 1 with glides, Neon 2 with castors and Neon 3, a taller chair with footrest and glides.

A workplace chair should not force the user to sit in a constrained position. It must suit it’s environment perfectly, must be adapted to the work involved and above all must be adjustable to every person sitting on it. The human body is the measure. A workplace chair must be an equally good fit for anyone and everyone – men and women, small people and large, heavy and light, young and old – which is why it is essential to have a sufficiently wide range of settings and adjustments. See the following video to see the types of mechanisms the Neon chair can provide to adapt to each individuals ergonomics.


The interchangeable upholstery is available with a wide arrange of colours and materials such as synthetic leather, superfabric, taff fabric and foam. The ability to easily change and replace the upholstery means the whole chair does not need to be disposed of if it gets damaged – a sustainable, flexible and affordable solution. See the following video for the available options for the Neon upholstery to suit your workplace requirements.


For more information about our range of laboratory and production work chairs, or would like a demo of the chairs in person please get in touch with one of our technical team on 01954 233 120, email or fill in the below form and we’ll be in touch.

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