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Bimos Chairs

Bimos are specialists in chairs for laboratories and industrial workplaces. The chairs are customisable and adaptable to suit your needs. This blog will provide you with information on their upholstery and industry options to help you decide which is best for you.

Upholstery options

There are four upholstery options, depending on your preference or setting:



Magic Synthetic Leather

Integral Foam




There are four upholstery options, depending on your preference or setting:

  • Duotech fabric – This fabric is breathable, soft, comfortable and hard-wearing. Duotech fabric is suitable for ESD sectors and production workrooms
  • Magic synthetic leather – This fabric is washable and is easy to take care of. The fabric is also soft, comfortable, is resistant to disinfectants, is antibacterial, and is PVC-free. Magic synthetic leather is ideal for production workrooms, laboratories, and ESD sectors.
  • Integral foam (PU) – This fabric is extremely robust, durable and washable, which can also withstand mechanical influences. PU is resistant to flying sparks and light acids and alkalis. Integral foam is ideal for production workrooms, laboratories and ESD sectors.
  • Supertec – This fabric combines the benefits of fabric and integral foam, making the fabric breathable but still has protective studs. This fabric makes the chair soft, comfortable and firm. It is very resistant, non-slip and easy to clean. Supertec is ideal for production workrooms and ESD sectors.

Fabric Symbols

Bimos symbols, yellow – ESD sector, blue – Laboratory, grey – cleanroom, orange – production



  • ESD Sector – A risk in the ESD sectors is electrostatic discharge which can lead to damage in production. Objects and people at ESD workstations can be charged whilst working, which needs to be prevented and the conduction of displaced charge guaranteed. ESD chairs from Bimos provide reliable protection at the ESD workplace: The upholstery, steel parts, plastic, castors and glides are conductible. The comprehensive conduction of all components makes ESD chairs from Bimos a reliable overall solution.
  • Laboratory – In the laboratory where the requirements are quite strict, the laboratory chairs from Bimos not only adapt to the postures typically found in this area (i.e., the forward-leaning position at the microscope), they also boast hygienic design and compact construction. These seats perfectly adapt to the challenges faced by laboratory workers.
  • Cleanroom – These chairs are ideal for sterile/hygiene rooms to ensure optimum working conditions are met. Bimos cleanroom chairs are developed in close cooperation with representatives from the industry and research. All cleanroom chairs have sealed upholstery with back-foaming technology, enclosed mechanisms, and smooth closed surfaces. All materials used are electrostatically conductive, making them perfect for cleanrooms.
  • Production – Chairs at production workstations need to combine maximum freedom of movement with optimum ergonomics and should demonstrate extreme resilience. With their anatomical shape, flexible upholstery and resilient materials, the work chairs from Bimos are the perfect seating solutions for production

This blog information was provided courtesy of Bimos.

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