Anti-static Laboratory chairs and stools from Bimos

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Anti-static Laboratory chairs and stools from Bimos

Electrostatic charge can arise if two non conductive materials are rubbed against each other then separated. If charged materials or people touch each other electrostatic discharges can arise. This discharge can be critical in places producing electronics, electrical engineering or tele-communications.


Fulfilling the requirements of EN 61340-5-1 standard for use in ESD protected areas, the Bimos ESD chairs ensure that electrostatic charges can be eliminated. From chairs to stools and foot rests Bimos covers a wide range of needs in anti-static materials.

The ESD Labster is a laboratory chair that can be used in clean room conditions with all surfaces easy to take care of and resistant to disinfectants. Ergonomically shaped, the labster’s upholstery is shaped to be comfortable to the user and it’s compact design makes it east to store even in small spaces. Choose from glides, castors, synthetic leather or sturdy integral foam.


ESD Labster Stool is ideal if you need to sit down for short periods of time and are short of space in your work place. 


The Neon system has changeable upholstery elements that simply click into the base of the unit. This means that if for any reason the fabric is damaged it can be replaced without having to get rid of the whole chair. These come in fabric, artificial leather and foam in four different strip colours. The Neon 1 comes with glides, the neon 2 with castors and the neon 3 with glides and a footrest.


The Fin standing seat chair is a new solution for almost all kinds of standing work. Wonderfully comfortable, this is a space saving, light and easy to move around seating solution. With a 4° forward tilt the Fin creates the optimum working posture and support for the user.


If there is a particular chair specification you are looking for please get in touch and one of the team will look to suit your needs. Phone our technical team on 01954 233 120, email or fill in the form below and we will get in contact.

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