Q: Do I need a specific Tris compatible electrode?

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Q: Do I need a specific Tris compatible electrode?

Tris (Tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane) or THAM is an organic compound used as a component of buffer solutions, especially for solutions of nucleic acids. It has a temperature dependent pH between 7.2-9 which mimics the typical physiological pH of most living organisms, it also does not react with inhibiting enzymes, making it a common buffer in biochemical, microbiological and pharmaceutical laboratories.


Tris is not compatible with all pH electrodes as the mixing of Tris with the electrode solution in single junction electrodes can result in a precipitate forming in the junction which inhibits the electrolyte flow and interferes with the readings. A double junction electrode is therefore recommended, it’s structure prevents direct contact between the two solutions so can perform as normal.

We have a wide range of electrodes available at Camlab, you can see a overview of them in our quick guide.  Only a selection of these are applicable for use with Tris buffers. The EpoxyTough Double Junction electrode has a double junction to prevent interference with Tris bufer contact, but also contain a gel filling instead of solution, creating a low maintenance electrode choice. This is available with a BNC connector or DIN connector depending on which fits into your meter, and also a flat head and a long and thin version depending on your application.


If you are looking for a Tris compatible electrode with a specific head type, temperature range, meter compatibility or a certain brand please get in touch with one of our technical support team on 01954 233 120 or email us over a query to support@camlab.co.uk, or fill in the below form and we can try and help you out.

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