S7 pH Electrodes now available from Camlab

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S7 pH Electrodes now available from Camlab
[caption id="attachment_2537" align="alignleft" width="450"] Rapid Glass pH Electrode[/caption] Camlab has just launched an S7 version of it's popular pH electrode Rapid research grade pH electrodes with an S7 connector. The S7 connector allows you to change probes easily at the ph electrode end of the connection. This is ideal for situations where the electrode cable is part of an installation, titration or automation set-up. The DIN-EL-0 S7 connector is an industry standard and will fit all S7 female connectors. We also supply a choice of S7 to BNC electrode connector cables so you can choose the ideal cable length for your particular application. If your meter has a US or DIN fitting we also offer high performance conversion cables. The Rapid pH electrode is a particularly robust, fast and accurate pH electrode and is ideal for titration applications.  It's unique high speed double junction makes it ideal for difficult samples such as TRIS buffer and fruit juices. Its high stability and accuracy also make it the perfect choice for low conductivity samples. In everyday testing it will out perform and outlast all other standard build electrodes making it ideal value for money.
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