Which electrodes will replace the Hach SensION range?

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Which electrodes will replace the Hach SensION range?

As of July 2021, Hach have stopped production of their SensION electrodes. This follows the phase out of the portable SensION meters earlier in the year. Hach's recommended replacements for any SensION probe is one from the Intellical range to be used in combination with the new HQ line of portable meters. Unfortunately the Intellical probes are not compatible with any existing SensION meters so in order to get a replacement electrode, a new meter will need to be purchased.

The preferred replacement to any SensION probes are the Intellical range.

Intellical probes have many added benefits from their predecessors and are designed to make water testing applications as simple and easy as possible. They are smart probes that automatically recognise the testing parameter, calibration history and method settings to minimise any errors and set up time. When used with the HQ meter series, electrochemistry measurement really is made as simple as possible! You can read more about the HQ series here.

Which electrodes replace the SensION probes?

If you are looking for a like for like replacement to your current SensION probes, then below we provide the closest replacements available, split by measuring parameter.


To measure pH, the recommended meter is either the HQ1110 which is a single channel, pH/ORP only meter or HQ2x00 and Hq4x00, which are multi-parameter meters with 1 or more measurement channels.


ISE measurements can only be performed benchtop HQ440D meter or on HQ4x00 portable meters.

ORP (Redox)

ORP can be measured on the HQ1110 pH/ORP portable meter or the HQ2x00 and above.

DO (Dissolved Oxygen)

The HQ1130 is a single channel dedicated DO meter. DO can also be measured on HQ2x00 and above.

EC (Conductivity)

Conductivity can be measured on either the HQ1140 dedicated conductivity meter and also on the HQ2x00 and above.

If you are unsure on which electrode you need to replace an existing SensION electrode or just need help in selecting the right probe in general, please contact our technical support team at support@camlab.co.uk.

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