Large Storage Containers - FDA Approved

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Large Storage Containers - FDA Approved

Are you looking for a storage vessel that is shatterproof, impact resistant and easy to clean?

Camlab have a range of polyethylene storage bins ranging from 64L up to 926 litres in capacity.

All bins are manufactured from MDPE (medium density polyethylene) which means they have good shock and drop resistance properties. They are also less notch sensitive than HDPE with better resistance to stress cracking.


Lids are available for all bins within the range and the option of handles can also be fitted.

For more information click Storage Bins to view online today.

For more information you can contact us using the buttons below.

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I would like one container how much would thag be?
Emma Atkin
Dear Rowha, Thank you for your enquiry, this depends on what size you are interested in. You can see all of these storage bins on our website here: with list prices available. If you would like a quotation for a certain item and delivery if you can email with your details we can do this for you. - Camlab team