Low Cost Storage at Low Low Temperatures

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Low Cost Storage at Low Low Temperatures

Camlab offer a range of CARDBOARD cryogenic storage boxes for low temperature storage of tubes and vials.



      So what are the advantages of choosing cardboard?

  • Low cost and low weight reduces freight costs
  • temperature resistant down to liquid nitrogen
  • boxes are available with a water repellant or water resistant plastic coating
  • large variety of sizes from standard cryo tubes up to taller 5ml tubes
  • removable grid if larger containers are required for storage


These boxes will also fit aluminium or stainless steel standard racking systems to fit your freezer or biorack storage systems.

Click CARDBOARD CRYO to view the boxes available in the range or call our customers services team for more information on 01954 233110

For more information you can contact us using the buttons below.

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