How can I measure the amount of colloidal iron in my sample?

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How can I measure the amount of colloidal iron in my sample?

Colloidal iron is precipitated iron in water that cannot be easily filtered due to the fact it consists of extremely small iron particles that do not clump together in solution. Here is a method in quantifying the amount of colloidal iron in a sample using an iron pocket colorimeter.


  1. To measure the amount of dissolved iron you have in your sample start by filtering your sample to remove the colloidal iron using a 0.45um filter.
  2. Add 10ml of your filtered sample to your cuvette and mix with the iron powder pillows and gain the value of dissolved iron with a colorimeter.
  3. Take a second 10ml sample (not filtered) and digest the colloidal iron into solution by adding approx. 10 drops of 50% sulphuric acid.
  4. Measure the amount of iron now in your sample using your colorimeter.
  5. The second reading less the first would be the amount of iron in the colloid.

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