What gloves are suitable for RNAse free environments?

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What gloves are suitable for RNAse free environments?
Simply wearing gloves may not provide sufficient protection against RNAse - we've taken a look at what precautions should be taken, and which gloves are suitable for RNAse free labs.

RNAse contamination

It is generally acknowledged that RNA is more prone to degradation than DNA, which may be because of the ubiquity and robustness of RNases. This means researchers wishing to maintain an RNase-free environment may need to be more vigilant. Whilst human skin has long been recognised as a source of RNase contamination, simply wearing gloves may not provide a suitable barrier. This is because gloves can become contaminated by human contact, or the cleanliness of the glove is not sufficient to ensure that they are RNase-free. Overall this means only certain gloves are suitable for RNAse-free environments.  

How can I protect against RNAse contamination in the lab?

Here are some tips for gloving in an RNase-free environment:
  1. As nitrile offers higher abrasion resistance than latex, use only nitrile gloves.
  2. To avoid cross-contamination, use only individually pair-packed gloves. Ideally these will be sterile gloves, which will minimise the risk of microbial contamination that could be a major source of RNases.
  3. Adopt aseptic donning technique, thereby avoiding human contact with the outer part of gloves.
  4. Use longer length gloves (≥ 30cm) to provide complete overlap with the sleeve and to ensure that there is no risk of skin shedding from the wrist.
  5. Select gloves that are certified RNase-free.
  Camlab recommends SHIELDskin Orange Nitrile sterile gloves for work in an RNAse free environment. They are certified RNAse free, offer protection according to PPE regulations and come sterile and individually wrapped to avoid any microbial contamination. For more information follow the links above, or contact us fi you have any questions about gloves or other laboratory PPE and safety solutions;
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