How can I detect hazardous and toxic gases?

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How can I detect hazardous and toxic gases?

Gastec Detector tubes utilise colorimetric technology to produce a visible stain within the gas detecting tube. The tubes indicate concentrations directly by way of a calibrated scale printed on the tubes. One tube measures a single-gas and is single-use. Their are tubes dedicated to over 300 different gases and vapours.



ONE: Break off both end of the detector tube by using the built-in diamond tip breaker on the sampling pump. Confirm the pump handle is fully pushed in then insert the detector tube into the rubber inlet with the G > mark towards the gas sampling pump.


TWO: Align the guide marks on the pump shaft red arrow  to either the 100 or 50mL depending on the particular test and pull out the handle until it is locked. Wait until the sampling time has elapsed. With an easy-to-use flow finish indicator (white disk pops out when the prescribed volume has been fully drawn), the operator is assured that the sampling is complete.


THREE: The colour in the detector tube changes as the gas is drawn in. Wait the required sampling time and read the measurement at the end of the coloured layer. (Please note the concentration or mark the colour change demarcation on the glass tube with a pen immediately)


Gastec tubes are available in two different formats:

Short-term (Standard Gastec tubes) safely allow users to perform spot sampling and tests in industrial environments to detect hazardous and toxic gases, and chemical vapours

Dosi-tubes are clipped into a dosi-tube holder which attaches to an item of clothing and worn over a working day or shift to calculate time-weighted average (TWA).

Gastec Tubes offer a low cost method for gas detection of more than 300 different kind of gases and vapours, if you are unable to find your particular gas on our website get in touch and we will be able to assist. For more information about using these tubes to test for your application please get in touch with one of our technical team on 01954233120 email or fill in the form below.

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