Real-time Analysis for Biogas production - BMP and FOS/TAC

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Real-time Analysis for Biogas production - BMP and FOS/TAC
Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is the process of microbial breakdown of biomass to produce a viable source of methane-rich biogas. The resulting methane gas can then be used as fuel in transport, heating, or the generation of electricity. The biomass source commonly used in the UK  is wastewater sludge, due to its high availability. In this industry, regulations and ongoing monitoring play an important role to prevent any negative effects on the environment and ecosystems. For small-sized AD Biogas installations, the tendency has been to use external contract laboratories for analytical assessment. However, many are now looking at on-site options for monitoring basic parameters as this provides real-time benefits to regulating the procedure in a timely fashion. SI Analytics produces a number of meters, titrators, and other instrumentation to enable user-friendly accurate testing systems for on-site analysis.

COD and Ammonia Measurements 

Multi analysis instrumentation such as the WTW® pHotoFlex® TURB handheld photometer can provide an array of photometric data such as COD and ammonia for waterways and ponds in addition to the ability to measure pH and turbidity in a single meter.

Real-Time Measurement of Reactor Alkalinity

A key measurement within the process itself is the FOS/TAC (alkalinity ratio). The acid vs alkaline ratio in the system helps to assess the risk of acidification in the biogas reactor. FOS/TAC can be assessed through titration.  The SI Analytics TitroLine® 5000 auto-titrator, contains a built-in FOS/TAC method simplifying the titration for daily analysis of the fermentation performance. Monitoring this ratio is important in preventing underperformance due to an imbalance of feedstock load (too much or too little) which can result in the need to restart the whole process. A costly procedure. Another method for optimizing performance is monitoring the bio-methane potential (BMP) of the various feedstock samples. This is done by simulating conditions to that of the fermenter (i.e. pH, temperature, pressure) over a period of 21 to 28 day.  One system to do this is the OxiTop® Control respiratory system. This system mimics the fermentation process providing data to enable process control and optimization for the varying feedstocks. Uniquely, these OxiTop measuring heads are designed for the biogas industry. They withstand corrosion caused by hydrogen sulphide production. If you would like to know more about Biogas product testing including other measurable parameters such as redox (ORP) potential, pH, and temperature,  please get in touch through Alternatively, you can call us on 01954 233120.
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