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Camlab Pool Testing Kits
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Camlab Pool Testing Kits

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Recommended Chemical Levels

Water testing is important when maintaining a pool or hot tub to make sure the water is safe to be in. The water can end up having too many or too little chemicals in it which can affect the pools hygiene and bacteria levels. The most frequently tested parameters are pH, chlorine (free and total), bromine, alkalinity and calcium hardness. Camlab have created water testing kits for testing these parameters, to help maintain the chemicals within the ideal range.

These are the recommended chemical levels for your pool or hot tub:

  • Chlorine: Pools 1-3mg/l, Hot tubs 3-5mg/l
  • Bromine: Pools 2-4mg/l, Hot tubs 4-6mg/l
  • pH: Pools 7.2-7.4
  • Total alkalinity: 80-140mg/l
  • Hardness: Around 200mg/l

Test Kit 1

Camlab test kit 1 tests for pH, chlorine and bromine. The test ranges for these parameters are:

pH 6.8-8.2
Chlorine 0.5-6.0mg/l using DPD1 tablets

This comparator is see-through which allows you to see the colour change through the water, so you don’t miss the colour change. To use this comparator: take your sample, add the tablet, shake and read the results, this can be done in a matter of seconds.

The kit includes:

  • 20 test tablets for pH
  • 20 test tablets for chlorine/bromine
  • Colour comparator
  • Instructions


Kit 1 – pH, chlorine and bromine test meter

Kit 2 – Alkalinity and hardness test meter

Test Kit 2

Camlab test kit 2 tests for total alkalinity and calcium hardness. The test range for these parameters are:

Alkalinity 80-800mg/l
Hardness 80-800mg/l

This kit includes:

  • 10 test tablets for alkalinity
  • 10 test tablets for hardness
  • Colour comparator
  • Instruction booklet





Test Kit 3

Camlab test kit 3 tests for all 5 parameters in test kit 1 and 2 to cover all the parameters you might need to test.

This kit includes:

  • 20 tests for pH
  • 20 tests for chlorine/bromine
  • 10 tests for alkalinity
  • 10 tests for hardness
  • Colour comparator
  • Instruction booklet



Kit 3 – pH, chlorine, bromine, alkalinity and hardness test kit

Refill kits

There are also two refill kits, so you don’t need to rebuy the whole kit again:

Refill kit 1 – Refill tablets to use with water testing kits 1 and 3. Contains 30 rapid DPD1 tablets and 30 rapid phenol red tablets
Refill kit 2 – Refill tablets to use with water testing kits 2 and 3. Contains 30 Alkalinity tablets and 30 hard test tablets

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