Pool Testing from Palintest which kit should I use?

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Pool Testing from Palintest which kit should I use?
Palintest provides an extensive array of options for testing pool water.  In order to decide which testing system best suits your needs you first need to keep in mind the following:
  • Are you testing pool water for residential, home, or commercial use?
  • Are you testing single or multiple parameters?
  • How accurate do you need the results to be?
Below is an overview of where each type of test system best fits:
Professional Use  Residential or Home Use
 Visual Testing  Photometer testing   Regular Occasional
Contour Comparator - Single and dual parameter kits for a cost-effective pool, spa, and hot tub testing Available to test varying numbers of parameters: Pooltest 25Pooltest 10Pooltest 9, Lumiso pooltest 6, Lumiso pooltest 4, Lumiso Pooltest 3 Mini kits - Simple visual kits to maintain the water balance of your pool or spa and minimise running costs.

Pooltester kits -Ideal for the residential user, the Pooltester range from Palintest provides simple and cost-effective pool and hot tub testing.

 Test Strips - Available in 3-way and 6-way formats to support all residential pool and hot tub users. Palintest test strips are the simplest method for testing your water.

Residential or Home Use

Simple kits using visual colour based comparison with a chart are easy to use for home use they provide an indication of the ranges but can be prone to subjectivity on the part of the users.  These tests can be used to determine the level of key parameters in pool water as well as of key factors such as disinfectants that are ideal for this use.  The Pooltester kits are a popular choice for ease of use. If further accuracy is required the Lumiso Pooltest 3 photometer would be an option, it does not rely on visual colour determinate and therefore are less subjective.

Commercial Use


For commercial use, there are a number of comparators available these are more advanced visual colour based systems with a wheel of colour which in turned to compare with the colour in the tube after the reaction. These are also prone to subjective assessment.


Palintest currently provides four photometers more suited for commercial use, depending on what you want to test for: Below is an overview of the all photometers available from Palintest and the parameters they test for

Pool & Spa Photometers Overview

Pooltest 25 Bluetooth® Pooltest 10 Bluetooth Pooltest 9 Bluetooth Lumiso pooltest 6 Lumiso Pooltest 4  Lumiso Pooltest 3
Calcium Hardness
Chlorine HR
Combined Chlorine
Copper (free, combined & total)
Cyanuric Acid
Free Chlorine (standard range)
Free Chlorine (extended range)
Hydrogen Peroxide HR
Langelier Saturation Index
pH Phenol Red
Total Alkalinity 
Total Chlorine (standard range)
Total Chlorine (extended range)
Total Hardness
Water Balance
For additional information please consult the following documents: Alternatively, contact support@camlab.co.uk.
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