VISOCOLOR - Visual Test Kits

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VISOCOLOR - Visual Test Kits

Visual test kits are a cheap, quick and easy way to test for different parameters in water samples.

The VISOCOLOR range from Macherey-Nagel are a range of visual colorimetric and titrimetric test kits. The Range includes VISOCOLOR alpha, ECO and HE.

To help you find which kits are best suited for your needs the differences and benefits of each are detailed below.

Titrimetric Test Kits

  • A titrimetric visual colour test is a test where the reagent(s) are added to the sample with a syringe, one drop at a time, with the user counting the number of drops added. The moment the solution changes colour, the amount of drops used is noted. The amount of drops required to change the colour of the sample equates to the total amount of the parameter present.
  • For example 1 drop = 1.25 mg/L, therefore if 3 drops are used, there is 3.75 mg/L of the parameter in the sample.

Colorimetric Test Kits

  • When using a colorimetric visual test kit the reagent(s) are added to the sample in a single set amount and the resulting colour change to the sample is then compared to a colour chart.
  • The sample is matched to the closest colour option on the colour chart, and that colour on the chart will have a concentration value associated with it which will give the amount of the parameter being looked for per sample.
  • For example, if you are using a kit to look for the pH of a sample, and you add the reagents and the resulting colour change is red, when compared to the colour chart the red colour will have the pH of 1 associated with it, therefore the pH of the sample would be 1.



  • Allow determination of low limiting values with sufficient accuracy
  • Possibility to compensate turbidity and colour of water samples
  • Colour comparison disks which are adjusted to original colour of standard solutions
  • Visual evaluation on all kits, and photometric evaluation with compact photometers PF-3 and PF-12plus possible on most kits
  • Widest range of parameters available
  • Refill kits available






  • Reach the highest sensitivity and accuracy in the visual analytics- 10 to 100 times higher compared to other VISOCOLOR tests
  • Exact dosing of single reagents as well as compensation of turbidity and colour are the basis for highly precise analysis
  • Maximum sensitivity and accuracy are achieved by use of longer measuring tubes and larger sample volumes
  • Colour comparison disks which are adjusted to original colour of standard solutions
  • Visual evaluation only
  • Refill packs available

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