How to ensure your dairy produce tastes superb

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How to ensure your dairy produce tastes superb

pH is a crucial indicator of food quality and safety.

To ensure that quality standards have been met the pH should be measured regularly. pH meters make food quality checks simplicity itself.

Whether you measure milk, cheese, yogurt, or even pizza, you need the facts on how to measure pH correctly. Dairy products are one of the most difficult samples to measure because of their protein-rich composition.

Milk: the pH of milk is around 6.8 and is tested for impurities and signs of infection upon collection as well as at point of delivery. In processes such as sterilization, pH is checked since a lower value helps to speed up the process.

Cheese: Monitoring of pH ,during cheese processing improves productivity and enhances the taste of the finished produce. Typically the pH value of cheese ranges from 5.1 to 5.9. It can however vary among types of cheese or between batches of the same variety.

Yoghurt: The quality of yoghurt depends on production control of lactic acid formed by fermentation. Lactose converts to lactic acid, decreasing the pH values to a range of 4.25 to 4.6. Bacterial action is stopped by rapid cooling at the right lactic acid level.


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