How do I test for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons ?

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How do I test for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons ?

Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) is a term used for any mixture of hydrocarbons that are found in crude oil.

The presence and concentration of total petroleum hydrocarbons, as well as oil and grease, in domestic and industrial wastewater is of concern to the public because of its deleterious aesthetic effect and its impact on aquatic life.


Regulations and standards have been established that require monitoring of total petroleum hydrocarbons as well as oil and grease in water and wastewater.




Camlab have a range of TPH immunoassy Kits which provide fast, accurate results at low level.

The Hach DR3900 is the "go to" instrument designed for benchtop work, with over 250 Hach and Lange tests. It measures all Hach and Lange procedures, with Link2SC software and user programmable wavelength and time scans.

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