How can I keep my pH buffers working reliably

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How can I keep my pH buffers working reliably

pH Buffers are aqueous solutions with well defined pH values and have a ‘buffering’ capacity to maintain pH even when small quantities of acids or bases are added to them. Having a known pH value, buffers can be used as a standard to calibrate pH Meters and therefore keep on-going measurement taking accurate and reliable. To keep these statements true you need to make sure your buffers are in date, not altered by temperature and kept from contamination.

Colour Coded pH Buffers

The Reagecon pH buffers have a use by date label fixed to the bottles which stay true even after opening. This means you can know exactly when your buffers are officially accurate for use and when’s best to replenish. Available in 500ml, 1L and 5L bottles you can pick the volume you expect to use before expiry so you can always keep in date.

These ready made solutions are available calibrated to both 20°C and 25°C. The temperature of your environment can alter the result of your ph readings. In solution, as the temperature increases, the bonds holding the protons are broken – as pH measurements are based on the concentration of free H+ in solution this means the pH of your solution will rise. Having an environment with a constant temperatures close to 20/25°C will help to make your buffer stay at their stated concentrations.

Jenway Model 3505 pH Meter

These Reagecon pH buffers are traceable to NIST standards and certificates of analysis are available for these if needed. You can be confident the buffers are accurate ± 0.01 if conditions are correct and you have not contaminated your buffer solutions. This can be avoided by using a second vessel to transfer your buffer to the meter instead of pipetting straight from the bottle and being at risk from transferring contaminates.

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