Do I need a 20deg C buffer or a 25deg C pH buffer?

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Do I need a 20deg C buffer or a 25deg C pH buffer?
I am looking at your range of ph buffers and there are some listed as 20ºC and some at 25ºC. Whats the difference and which ones do I use? [caption id="attachment_2062" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Colour Coded pH buffers"]pH buffers[/caption] The effects of Temperature on pH measurement are usually not well understood by the user and temperature has a range of effects on your measurement and the buffer used to calibrate the system. A full study and explanation of these effects is given in an technical article (abstract below) which we can send out to you as a PDF   Camlab supplies a full range of buffers including colour coded buffers, twin neck buffers and pH buffers at 20ºC and pH buffers at 25ºC   The Effects of Temperature on pH Measurement  Authors: John J. Barron Colin Ashton & Leo Geary – Technical Services Department, Reagecon Diagnostics Ltd, Abstract Some of the effects of temperature on pH measurement have been described or alluded to in both instrument manufacturers instructions and independent scientific literature. Some of these have been presented in a very theoretical manner and thus have been of limited practical value, others have been described adequately from a practical perspective. However a comprehensive classification of the principal effects of temperature on pH with practical remedial actions to correct, reduce or eliminate these errors has never previously been reported. This paper presents for the first time a clear classification of the practical effects of temperature on pH. It provides a definite set of guidelines on how the different errors can be reduced or eliminated thus giving the user greater confidence in the result of their pH measurements.   Contact us below for a copy of the report
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