Do you need a simple instrument to measure the consistency of your sample?

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Do you need a simple instrument to measure the consistency of your sample?

Many production samples such as sauces, jams, baby foods, cosmetics and paints when being tested in the laboratory before going to market require consistency checks against particular flow rate standards.

The Bostwick Consistometer is used world-wide to determine sample consistency by measuring the distance which a material flows under its own weight in a given time interval.

The ”Bostwick” has a long trough with 0.5cm graduations along the bottom. The trough is separated near one end by a spring loaded gate. This forms a chamber where the sample is loaded.

 To perform a test:

1) Load sample into the reservoir and level off the top with a straight edge.

2) Press down the trigger to open the gate and start the timer.

3) At the end of the selected time period determine how far the material had flowed along the trough.

4) Take the maximum reading at the centre of the trough and the minimum reading at the edge of the trough and average the values.

5) Compare the average value to a previously determined standard

6) Simple wash out with water, easy to clean and chemical resistant as its made from stainless steel.

The Bostwick complies to Mill Spec R-81294D and ASTM F1080-93 standards


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