Clean your test sieves to maintain accurate results

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Clean your test sieves to maintain accurate results

A standard process in analytical laboratories is sieve analysis, the practice of accessing the particle size distribution of a granular material. The trouble is, sieves prove quite the challenge to clean thoroughly enough to get all the contaminants out of the mesh. Every last grain stuck in the sieve must be removed to gain accurate analysis.

A solution has been found in the use of ultrasonic baths. Ultrasonic cleaning works by immersing the object in a tank of liquid then sending high frequency sound waves throughout the tank. These high-frequency sound waves form high and low pressure areas which produce microscopic bubbles that violently implode as the next sound wave passes through.  This action is called ‘cavitation’ and creates a scrubbing brush action within the fluid.

Ultrasonic Bath For Test Sieves S 50 R

One of the many ultrasonic baths Camlab offer is the Elma S 50 R with it’s shape specially designed for cleaning round sieves as well as other standard applications such as degassing of HPLC solvents and processing samples. Elma has developed these new program-controlled ultrasonic cleaners that enables the user to simply activate the correct ultrasound mode that suit them such as “sieve cleaning” or “degas” and the machine will operate in the respective stored mode. The sieve cleaning process of this unit alternates back and forth between two different ultrasound modes in active powerful pulses leading to reliably clean sieves.

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