What solution should I use for cleaning in an ultrasonic bath?

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What solution should I use for cleaning in an ultrasonic bath?

When cleaning in an ultrasonic bath a range of cleaning liquids can be used. These are all formulated for specific applications, so choosing the best one for your requirements will ensure that cleaning is efficient and thorough.

Elmaclean Range of Ultrasonic Cleaners


First consider what it is you will be cleaning and what material is it made of?

Many of the cleaning solutions available contain corrosive components to make them effective at removing contaminants, but this can mean they cannot be used with all materials – for example ElmaClean 10 cannot be used with aluminium, magnesium, zinc or alloys.

Next look at what contaminants you are trying to clean off?

The ultrasonic cleaning solutions are all formulated to target different types of contamination (for example to remove rust, grease, oil, oxides…). Selecting the right cleaning solution will ensure that the components are cleaned thoroughly and quickly.

To help you chose which ultrasonic cleaning solution is best for your needs see our range here, consult the applications table here.

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