Macherey Nagel Nanocolor Reagents - For Water Test Systems

NANOCOLOR® Reagent Tube Tests

NANOCOLOR® Equipment

For easy and fast measurements

Using NANOCOLOR® bar coded test tubes, the measurement is automatically performed after inserting the cuvette into the cuvette slot. The contact with any dangerous chemicals is avoided because the measurement is performed directly in the test tube. This guarantees maximum safety for the user.


Reliable and comparable results

The reaction basis of NANOCOLOR® tests is based on international approved standard methods like DIN-, EN-, ISO-, EPA- and APHA.


Easy handling and highest accuracy

All NANOCOLOR® tests contain accurate predosed reagents, that are directly ready to use and calibrated accessories.


The perfect test for every request

For all important parameters in water and wastewater analysis, a large number of tests with different ranges is available.


No mix up of tests Every

NANOCOLOR® test box is equipped with a colour-coded label and can be identified clearly by its colour.


A full overview of all reagents and equipment can be found in the NANOCOLOR Analysis System Brochure.