The BD600 BOD measurement system

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The BD600 BOD measurement system

The Oxidirect BOD measurement system has been replaced by Lovibond’s new BD600 system, which has a range of additional features.

The new BD600 BOD system from Lovibond


Principle of measurement

The BD600 BOD system offers a manometric, respirometric BOD measurement. The oxygen consumed by microorganisms in a closed vessel under constant temperature and agitation conditions is directly measured. Carbon dioxide produced by the bacteria is chemically bound by the potassium hydroxide solution contained in the seal inside the bottle.

Overall this causes a drop in pressure directly proportional to the BOD value, and the unit directly reports BOD in mg/L to the user.

New features:

  • Remote control – alter settings on the unit even when it is inside the incubator, avoids opening the incubator which would result in temperature fluctuations
  • Increased result storage – store up to 672 results depending on the measurement period
  • Power supply – choose from 3x C batteries or now you can also use the Y-cable to power the BD600 and the stirring unit together from one supply
  • USB and SD card interfaces – use a USB stick, USB cable or SD card to download results from the unit for further analysis
  • Graphical display – clearly see the results on the unit as your test progresses, including displaying these on a graph

The 45 x 84mm backlit display can show results graphically


See more information on the BD600 here, or contact us with any questions about BOD measurement.

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