Stuart, Jenway, Electrothermal Engineering and Techne rebranded to Cole-Parmer

Cole Parmer Rebrand 2022
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Stuart, Jenway, Electrothermal Engineering and Techne rebranded to Cole-Parmer

Cole-Parmer ST-200-C 15L undergrad analogue ceramic stirrer

As of June 2022, Cole-Parmer have undergone a rebrand of some of their brands and equipment in order to be more efficient. The units themselves have remained the same but the design and model numbers have been updated to fit the Cole-Parmer theme. Below is a list of some brands that have been rebranded and an overview of their new model numbers.

Brands rebranded to Cole-Parmer

The main brands that have recently been rebranded to Cole-Parmer are:

The equipment under these brand names can still be purchased, they just have a new model number, ordering number and design, the unit itself has not changed. Stuart equipment will be branded as Cole-Parmer Stuart to help ease the rebranding.

Model number change

The rebranded items have new model numbers to go with the redesign. For example, the Stuart digital melting point apparatus SMP50 has been rebranded to Cole-Parmer Stuart MP-800D. MP stands for Melting Point, 800 gives you an indication of the level of controls, and D means it is digital. Each item will have a different level of control, the levels are:

200 – simple entry level product (basic controls)
400 – advanced/digital controls
800 – touchscreen controls

Items that have had a new model number will have a message on our website under the description such as:

Example of Cole-Parmer model number change for Cole-Parmer rebrand

New unit design

Below is an example of a redesign of the ceramic undergrad digital stirring hotplate:

Image of Old Stuart UC152D

Rebranded UC152D to Cole-Parmer SHP-200D-C

The new Cole-Parmer designs will have a white and blue theme with Cole-Parmer branded on them. Some units will also have the new model numbers on them. The units have the same specifications as before, just with a new design to help Cole-Parmer be more efficient during production – as they only have to brand units under one design instead of 4 different designs.

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