Ohaus MB120 Moisture Balance: SmartGuide Feature

Ohaus MB120 Moisture Balance
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Ohaus MB120 Moisture Balance: SmartGuide Feature

A moisture balance (also known as a moisture analyser) is an instrument that measures the moisture content of a sample. This is done by weighing the sample, then heating it to remove moisture and finally weighing the sample again. The final weight is subtracted from the starting weight and the difference in values is the moisture content. While easy to use, the setup and method development can be challenging and time consuming. However, Ohaus has a solution for this.

As mentioned, developing a method for using a moisture balance can be challenging. It may be time consuming as experimentation is required to calculate the drying temperature, the heating programme, and the determination of the end point for the heating to shut off.

The OHAUS' MB120 moisture balance includes a SmartGuide feature. This allows the user to set up more efficiently, as well as save data and analyse more samples. This feature is used through the touchscreen on this model to access saved methods or creates new ones. It will also evaluate a sample by observing how it reacts through weight differences as the temperature changes. This can help prevent the burning of a sample, or inefficient heating. Through this it can calculate an optimal method for a given sample.

The use of this feature can reduce inaccuracy within results, in turn increasing efficiency and reliability.

To find the Ohaus MB120 moisture balance available through Camlab, click here.

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