Maintain accurate column temperatures for HPLC analysis - even below room temperature

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Maintain accurate column temperatures for HPLC analysis - even below room temperature

The Echotherm™ CO50 unit can accurately maintain the temperature of HPLC columns with chilling as well as heating, so it can be used from 4°C up to 100°C to within 0.1°C.

The Echotherm CO50 Column heater / chiller for HPLC column temperature control


The CO50 column heater/chiller can also be programmed to enable stepped temperature profiles – up to 5 programs can be stored, each of up to 10 steps and each able to repeat itself between 1 and 99 times as required. This allows complex temperature profiles to be used and stored for easy repeats.

Since the unit has both heating and chilling, precise control can even be achieved very close to room temperature and will remain accurate regardless of any fluctuations in the room temperature.

The temperature can be set to within 0.1°C increments and achieves accuracy of ±0.2°C. The built in temperature light illuminates when the set temperature is reached and stable.

The chamber itself is 15″ / 38.1cm long, 1.5″ / 3.8cm wide and 1.5″ / 3.8cm deep with clamps to hold 1/4″ diameter or 3/8″ diameter columns up to 30cm in length with room for fittings.

RS232 connectivity allows control or data collection by computer and the whole unit has electronic calibration set in memory without any need for batteries.

The unit is supplied with a universal power supply for use worldwide and a 12 month warranty.

See more information on the CO50 column heater/chiller here, or contact us with any questions.

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