Label your pipelines

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Label your pipelines

The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 require employers to mark visible pipes in the workplace which contain or transport dangerous substances. The British Standard Specification for the identification of pipelines and services (BS 1710:1984) has specified the colours of labels needed for the identification of pipes conveying fluids and gases. Following these legislations is a simple yet effective way to maintain organisation and keep up safety standards in the work place. The labels provide an easy visual identifier to warn the risks and dangers from any pipe contents, crucially important in the case of accidents and spillages.

CO2 Pipeline Label

Camlab are pleased to offer two brand new ranges of high quality self-adhesive vinyl pipeline labels which comply with BS 1710:1984.  Firstly is our set of labels for gas piping including liquid nitrogen, nitrogen, natural gas, hydrogen, air, compressed air, argon and helium. Secondly is our water pipe labels: drinking water, waste water, hot water and distilled water. All have a a twin flow direction system so you can simply remove the arrow in the direction which is not required and use the other to indicate the direction of flow inside the pipe.

For more information on the array of pipeline and safety labelling available from Camlab in the UK and the rest of the world please contact here or fill in the form below.

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