Introducing the new Memmert IPPeco and HPPeco Ranges

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Introducing the new Memmert IPPeco and HPPeco Ranges
Memmert are releasing a new generation of eco-friendly Peltier appliances at the start of 2021. The HPPeco and the IPPeco replace the current standard versions of the models and whilst they look almost identical to their former versions, don't let this deceive you. The Eco models operate with unrivalled efficiency, leaving compressor and previous technology Peltier devices behind. Not only will the reduced energy requirements save you money in terms of operating costs but it also allows you to be more environmentally friendly due to decreased power consumption. Memmert equipment is renowned for reliability and long lifespan. Therefore the Eco models can help to future proof your workplace, as there is more and more emphasis placed on the sustainability and life cycle of lab and industrial equipment.

HPPeco Range

The HPPeco models join other Eco counterparts in the climate/test chamber range (ICHeco & ICHeco L). The HPPeco is tailored to environmental, material and stability testing in accordance with ICH (Q1A) guidelines. Due to its quiet operation, the chambers are also suitable for Zebrafish and insect breeding.  There are 7 chamber sizes in the range, from 108L up to 2140L. They also feature the Twindisplay controller and you can control temperature and humidity settings, with optional lighting on certain sizes of chamber. The temperature range is 0-70°C (15-60°C for chambers ≤1360L) and humidity range is 10-90% rh (10-80% for chambers ≤1360L). If you are unsure on which test chamber out of the whole Memmert range is the most suitable for your application, you can read our previous blog post here. Check out the HPPeco range here.

Energy usage comparison 

[caption id="attachment_17701" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Compared with compressor and peltier devices, the HPPeco's can demonstrate a large energy (KWh) savings in a year.[/caption]

The IPPeco Range

The IPPeco cooled incubator range features two extra chamber sizes compared with the old range - 1360L & 2140L. The range itself comprises of 9 model sizes from 32L up to 2140L capacity. It has a temperature range of 0-70°C (15-60°C for chambers ≥1360L) and a choice of single or twindisplay controller, meaning there is a suitable option available matching the level of programming and control you require for your application. Check out the IPPeco range here.

Energy Usage Comparison

[caption id="attachment_17702" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Compared with other devices, the IPP410eco has a lower energy usage across the range of set temperatures.[/caption] Camlab can supply the range of Memmert equipment. Their pieces are also highly customisable, so if you have a specific requirement, please contact us to see what options are available at
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