How can I keep my samples secure and tamper proof?

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How can I keep my samples secure and tamper proof?

The first stage of any test is to collect a sample. Whether it’s water, biological tissues, or a sample from a production line, it must be representative of the bulk  and not be altered in order to give accurate results.

Most samples will have to be transported after they are collected – this might be just a few meters from a production line to the test room, or could be a lengthy transit from a one site to a lab in a different town or even country.

When the samples arrive to be tested, how can you be sure that they have not been altered? Tamper evident containers mean you can always be sure your samples are exactly as they were at collection.

Tamper Evident containers mean you can be sure that your samples have not been modified between the field and the lab


Tamper evident containers have a connected ring on the cap which snaps away when it is opened, proving that this was the first opening. The same concept is widely used in mass produced products, such as soft drinks, so consumers can be sure they are the first one to open the bottle since manufacture.

For laboratory samples this security system can be found in a range of sizes and even with double tamper evidence for before and after the sample has been taken.

Small Samples 1ml to 10ml  – tamper evident tubes

Even with small samples you can ensure your samples are safe, try these tamper evident microtubes for 1 to 1.5ml sample sizes, or the slightly larger transport tubes with security caps for 5ml up to 10ml samples.


Both types still use the same principle – if the person opening the sample to test can see the secure ring has already been broken they can quickly reject the sample and request another.

Large Samples 1L to 20L – tamper evident buckets

For production lines or where large sample volumes are needed try these buckets which feature a tamper evident lid.

Extra security for mid sized samples – Double Tamper Evident Bottles

These bottles provide additional security for vital samples and have been used in high profile cases including HFL collecting urine samples for drug surveillance in horse racing.

  1. Remove the plastic wrap
  2. Open the lid, snapping off the first ring
  3. Fill with sample and replace the lid
  4. At the lab open the bottle, snapping off the second ring and proving it has not been opened since sample collection

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