How can I ensure a secure and repeatable curing process?

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How can I ensure a secure and repeatable curing process?

The manufacture of medical devices is a process which requires highly accurate, repeatable control.

An Austrian company manufacturing cochlear implants has entrusted their vital silicone curing step to Memmert ovens.

The MED-EL manufacturing facility in Austria uses memmert ovens for secure, accurate curing of silicone and adhesives for cochlear implants


Husband and wife team Mr and Mrs Hochmair developed the first micro-electronic multi-channel cochlea implant at the Vienna University of Technology. In 1977 this was sucessfully implated into a patient and the couple went on to found their own company, MED-EL GmbH.

For the next 30 years the company grew and today still has a strong focus on research and development for new products as well as manufacturing to strict national and international standards.

One vital stage of the manufacture is the curing of silicone and adhesives. MED-EL use 80 Memmert ovens to complete this step.

They offer excellent temperature accuracy and monitoring using an external datalogger. The company has also chosen the optional feature to prevent doors being opened during the cycle, which would affect the repeatability of results. This important control is available across the Memmert range.

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