Burkle's Bio-Plastic Range - reducing the carbon footprint of lab plastics

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Burkle's Bio-Plastic Range - reducing the carbon footprint of lab plastics

Sampling work often requires plastic items like scoops or spoons to collect the sample, and these are often disposable, one use items.

Disposable plastics do eliminate cross-contamination between samples to give accurate results, but the waste that this generates can quickly add up.

Burkle have developed a great new range of scoops, spoons and spatulas in Green Bio-Plastic – this has all the properties of standard polyethylene but is made from renewable raw materials using sugarcane as the source.

This saves a huge 2.1 tonnes CO2 per tonne of PE produced.

Burkle’s Bio-Plastic uses sugarcane as it’s source, reducing the carbon footprint by 2.1 tonnes per tonne of plastic produced


The final products have the same appearance, strength and durability as standard polyethylene, and are still 100% recyclable.

The whole range are clean room manufactured, assembled and packed and have EU food and FDA approval. Sterile options are also available in all ranges.

The Burkle Bio Range includes scoops, spatulas and spoons for single use in sampling tasks


We think this new range is a fantastic way to easily reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on quality or accuracy, and look forward to seeing what other items will be made out of Bio-Plastic in the future.

See the ranges of scoops, spoons and spatulas here, see our previous post on tips to reduce the carbon footprint of your lab, or ask us about your sampling requirements.

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