Aspiration and Filtration Systems Ideal for Biological or Medical Liquids and Fluids

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Aspiration and Filtration Systems Ideal for Biological or Medical Liquids and Fluids
In biochemistry, cell culture and microbiology applications, aspirators are commonly used for the removal and disposal of liquids. The aspiration pump creates a vacuum in the collection bottle which pulls in liquids due to differential pressure. The liquid collected in the bottle can then be disposed of. At Camlab we supply a range for vacuum pumps from Welch ideal for this purpose. This range comes with features that protect the pumps from failure as a result of ingestion of liquid into the pump mechanism. In addition, these pumps are all lightweight and portable. Two types of vacuum pumps are available WOB-L piston (2511, 2511C-75, 2515C) and diaphragm pumps (112037, 112037-04). These are available as:
  • Pump only
  • Pump and collection system

Pump only

The 2511 (WOB-L piston pump) dry vacuum pump/compressor shown below is a compact oil-free piston pump designed for general duty laboratory applications requiring only a rough vacuum and moderate pressure. Lightweight and compact this pump has a free flow of 9.2 litres/minute and a vacuum up to 292mbar. The pump can be run continuously allowing it to be used in a range of applications from aspiration to gas sampling. dry vacuum pump

Pump and collection system

These provide a complete system, make your selection based on volumes to be aspirated, flow speed and pressure required.  All can be used with additional bespoke handheld pipettors. Key features include:
  • Autoclavable and bleach resistant receivers
  • Hydrophobic filter
  • Automatic flow stop when receiver jar is full
  • Light and portable

2511C  - with a 1.2-litre collection receiver

This pump is a WOB-L piston pump with all addition apparatus required to provide an effective controllable aspiration system. For those working with applications where pressure regulation is crucial a vacuum regulator and gauge is ideal. The built-in 1.2-litre collection receiver provides a vessel which can be easily removed and cleaned. This pump is ideal for aspirating aqueous solutions such as buffers, but not for acidic, basic or organic vapours. Pumping capacity is 11 l/minute @60Hz.  Aspiration System for 2511C

2515 - with a 1.2-litre collection receiver

Designed for high flow aqueous applications this model (WOB-L piston pump) is a standard duty, oil-free station which includes 1.2-litre collection receiver and a pumping capacity of 34 litres/minute @60Hz.  A vacuum regulator and gauge are also available on this model.  Aspiration System for 2515C

biovac 106 - available with 2-litre or 4 litres glass collection receiver

The biovac 106 comes as a compact and portable aspiration system containing an integrated resistant diaphragm pump, providing pressure up to 100mbar and flow rate of 12 litres/minute. This system (biovac 106) comes with two sizes 0f autoclavable receiver a glass 2-litre and polypropylene 4-litre versions, in addition, an added HandVac pipettor is included which is ideal for easy and precise fluid removal from slides, Petri dishes, cell culture containers and other containers. biovac106 Handvac This flexible handheld pipettor can be used with all pump aspirator models from Welch.  The design allows use with Pasteur pipettes and plastic aspiration pipettes with an adapter facilitates use for multiwell plates (8 channels). Precise pressure is control through a pressure sensitive button on the top of the HandVac reducing the possibility of accidental aspiration of cells. handvac system - complete tool set for aspiration Two versions are available: A foot pump system is also available. For further information please contact
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